Starting a New Meetup

Thoughts on meeting and collaborating

1/31/20231 min read

It's been a minute since we've had a local meetup. I've missed the opportunity to connect with other voice actors to talk, to learn to play. I've been thinking about starting a meetup since the end of VO Atlanta in 2022. Gerald's talk about how it all started really inspired me. When I talked to other people from the Seattle Area they were interested in a meetup as well.

This is the start of that meetup. This is your community and we want to hear your ideas. Yes, we'll have social get togethers to just socialize but I'd love to have people share their expertise, and collaborate with the resources that are in this area from writers, to developers to casting directors to educational groups and more. There is a thriving Voice Acting ecosystem in the Seattle area, and we want to connect with it and help others find it.

Shelves in the Seattle Central Library
Shelves in the Seattle Central Library